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The lederhosen is connected to Bavaria like the blue-and-white sky, the mountains, pretzels and beer, of course. Politicians, football teams, movie stars and tv hosts wear them as well as almost every visitor to famous octoberfest. We are happy to offer you a wide assortment of this typical bavarian traditional costume for your company celebration, your family get together or a visit to world famous Oktoberfest. You can wear them as shorts or you can wear the long versions of them which are great for the rather cold and rainy days and are also the most traditional version, you will find both designs in our collection. Here you can find a little more information about the lederhosen! Book you lederhosen today!

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You can wear your lederhosen skin-tight or choose the loose fit, whichever suits you better, we have it. You have the choice between size 44 to 60.Please use our size chart before ordering

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You can choose between renting only a lederhosen or we can provide you with a set consisting of a lederhosen, a shirt and a pair of bavarian socks.

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